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Polar Notions Mini BoltsOrganize Your Fabric!

Fabric organizers from Polar Notions will save you time, energy and most importantly, your fabric investment.

Due to many requests, we now offer 10 packs. Visit the "Buy Now" page.

Fabric organizers from Polar Notions turn your messy fabric stash room into a neat, well organized work area. Using our solid acid-free, reusable plastic storage sheets, you save time, money and most importantly, your fabric. No more endless searching for that special fabric you purchased for a project. Find it quickly, easily and get to work instead of hunting.

Protect your fabric investment with fabric organizers from Polar Notions! Whether you are a quilter or someone who works with fabric, acid-free organizers from Polar Notions protect your investment. If your fabric is still wrapped on the bolts from the quilt shops, take your fabric off of them immediately! The cardboard is NOT acid free and the acid will bleach the color out of your fabric. You have the right idea, just the wrong product. Ever notice on fabric that is opened up to be cut at the store, and there is a thin white "line"? That is caused by the acid from the cardboard, not light from a window. By using our solid, acid-free fabric organizers from Polar Notions, you eliminate that problem.

Save Time & Money. Find the proper fabric for your project quickly and easily by creating your own mini bolts, just like they do in fabric stores. Stop buying more fabric just because you can't find the right piece in your disorganized stash! With fabric organizers from Polar Notions, you will always know what you do, and do not have in your fabric inventory.

Long Lasting. Fabric organizers form Polar Notions are made of strong, solid, acid-free plastic. To emphasize their durability, we wrap and unwrap at least 400 times a day using the same mini-bolt. At the end of a 4 day show, that same mini-bolt is as strong as a new one out of the box. Durable, acid-free and easy to use...Why wait? Order your fabric organizers now.
We are very proud to say our products are MADE IN THE USA!


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